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Soaked and Co. does more than just windows. We specialize in the restoration and improvement of both residential and commercial hardscape. That means your driveways, concrete and brick paths, pool decks and exterior walls. We provide softwashing and pressure rinsing for soffits and fascia. Are you in need of surface cleansing? Put the pressure on us. Many homeowners and businesses do not realize the potential of those old ugly walls and paved places. Let us show you what they used to look like. We havve many years of experience pressure washing in Orlando communitie If you are here that means the problem has not gone overlooked. Why not wash it away with professional power cleaned today?.
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We have been pressure washing hard surfaces for nearly a decade. We know what will come off and what will not, what chemicals solutions will remove a stain and when to use less pressure. We will not cause damage to your property or create leaky situations due to improper cleaning techniques. We value our reputation for quality work performed with care.
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Soaked and Co. does more than just pressure washing. We specialize in a variety of exterior maintenance services. Check out our full service list in the menu up top. We are a one-stop-stop for exterior property cleaning needs. We are fully insured, fully equipped and completely committed to improving your home or business' curb appeal. Our crew is experienced and driven. We are a small family business that values each and every one of our customers.

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Do You Even Need Pressure?

Not every surface requires more than a garden hose's pressure. The cleaning of such surface is better done using a chemical solution and perhaps a brush to agitate. The water simply rinses it down. This soft-washing method is usually the preferred way to clean homes and buildings. Using a pressure washing gun is best for concrete surfaces. Too much pressure can cause damage to paint or cause water to go where it should not. That is why we use pressure when needed but we also know when pressure is'nt the answer.
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