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At Soaked and Co. we love clean glass. In fact window cleaning was our first love. We have cleaned windows in nearly every area of Metro Orlando. We have cleaned thousands of windows on storefronts including route work for a number of retail, restaurant and grocery store chains. We have cleaned windows in hundreds of homes both small and large throughout Central Florida. We even at one time did high rise work 'cleaning the sky' as they say.. Our team is fully trained and equipped to clean windows of any condition, quantity or access. We are window cleaning experts and we are available for your home or business needs.

Residential Window Cleaning

Soaked and Co. does more than just easy windows. We specialize in hard to reach glass using both ladders and pure water pole systems. Did you know you could clean 2nd, 3rd and even higher windows with both feet on the ground? We utilize carbon fiber poles to clean windows that ladders can't reach. Ever seen an elevated walkway between buildings downtown and wonder how they cleaned the glass? What about windows that have trees in the way or window above a pool screen? We use super light weight poles to clean glass where no squeegee has gone before.
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Commercial Window Cleaning

We have been cleaning windows for nearly a decade. We know what will come off and what will not, what solutions are safe on glass and tint how to effectively remove hard water stains and when to count your loses. We will not cause damage to your glass by using razor blades on just any glass. We will clean the entire window, screen and track as desired.
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Dirty windows are hard to overlook when you have an otherwise great view. Rather than being an obstacle to your sunlight, windows should not even be part of the picture. Literally. Clean glass should be effectively invisible. We are your window cleaning experts. We provide both traditional and pure water window cleaning services. If you look outside and all you see are dirty windows give us a call. We would love to help change your perspective on clean glass.
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