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Does your roof look like it needs to be replaced? Perhaps it just needs to be cleaned! Whether your roof is a few shades darker than it used to be or has has green areas or black streaks coming down it; we can help. We clean roofs of all sizes and conditions. We have extensive experience cleaning both tiled and asphalt shingled roofs. Our cleaning method involves a safe chemical treatment to kill whats eating your roof. We do not pressure wash roofs unless requested to do so. Typically roofs are not in fact dirty but infested with bacteria or algae growth. These can be cleaned without the use of pressure which may cause leaks, void your roof's warranty or strip your shingles. Give us a call if you'd like a free on-site estimate.

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Cleaning a roof may be the quickest way to improve your properties curb appeal. We often clean roofs for customers who are selling their home and want to restore the underlying beauty of their roof before a party or event. Our roof cleaning services provide same-day results. If you are considering having your property's roof cleaned make sure you use a company that is experienced in safe roof cleaning methods. Before you hire make sure to ask what the roof cleaning process involves and if the business is insured.
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How long does your roof cleaning last?

This is a question we get asked often. The answer depends on a number of factors. How many trees do you have surrounding your home? Do your neighbors roofs need to be cleaned as well? Are you near a body of water? If you have had your roof cleaned before you may know how long to expect however that may changes as well. If your roof was pressure washed previously you can expect a longer lasting clean after our visit. Our process kills the offending bacteria and algae growth that calls your roof home resulting in a longer lasting clean. If you have never had your roof cleaned you can expect it to remain clean for at least 2 years. However most roofs will not need to be cleaned as extensively for 4 years or longer.
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Soaked and Co. does more than just roof cleaning. We specialize in a variety of exterior maintenance services. Check out our full service list in the menu up top. We are a one-stop-stop for exterior property cleaning needs. We are fully insured, fully equipped and completely committed to improving your home or business' curb appeal. Our crew is experienced and driven. We are a small family business that values each and every one of our customers.
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